This video produced by a school in Chico, CA who has implemented this with fidelity, states all the reasons why we need this in Helena!


It is not a club, it is a lifestyle.

Pure Performance is a student-led program that promotes living a healthy lifestyle to include: sleep, nutrition, central nervous system recovery, training/exercise and being drug/alcohol free. It is based on John Underwood’s program: Life of an Athlete. It is extremely effective in other high schools across the country.

This video produced by a school in Chico, CA who has implemented this with fidelity, states all the reasons why we need this in Helena!

John Underwood is a former Olympian who has coached 28 Olympic Athletes.  He has done extensive research internationally on how a person’s lifestyle affects their performance. John also developed a program, Life of an Athlete. It’s based on sleep, nutrition. central nervous system recovery, training and committing to being substance abuse-free.  This program has been implemented in many high schools across the U.S. with great success. Helena started to implement this student-led program in 2014. John is highly coveted for his research among many professional sports teams, college programs and the International Olympic Committee.

Each year coaches and activity advisers are asked to nominate students who they feel are leaders in their sport or activity. That list is then vetted by a panel of their peers and others are named who are felt to embody the characteristics of a leader – students who others will follow, good role model, committed to living a healthy lifestyle, and who will encourage others to be their best.

Those students then receive a nomination letter to attend the Pure Performance Leadership Summit held at Camp Child. There are hands-on team-building and leadership activities, presentations by collegiate athletes from Helena, former coaches, mental health professionals, and training by professional athletes and/or Navy SEALs.

The students then develop a plan to roll out Pure Performance of how they want to see it in their school. They make presentations to middle school and elementary students, brainstorm fun activities, hear from Olympic athletes in the community, and fundraise to spread the word about Pure Performance.

For more information on the overall program, contact Coleen Smith at [email protected]

In 2017-2018 there will be a similar initiative in the middle schools. Students who want to get involved with a group that is committed to living a healthy lifestyle and being involved with like-minded students, contact the adviser at these schools:

CHS  Jacqui Engstrom:  Meetings held 1st & 3rd Wednesdays at noon in Engstrom’s room.

HHS Carl Straub:  [email protected]  Meetings held 2nd & 4th Wednesdays at noon in Straub’s room.

CRA Jared Hunt & Krista Boutilier:   [email protected]  or [email protected] Programs held before school.

HMS Blanche Stutz:  Programs held during Advisory.

EVMS Stacy Dawes: