A Conversation with Barb

  1. Who inspires you – People who are real and have integrity
  2. Best gift ever given? – A trip to Europe to visit long-time friends.
  3. Your motto: Participation is Spirituality and Spirituality is Participation
  4. Favorite sport: Volleyball and now pickleball
  5. Favorite day of the year – None jumps out – each day is a new beginning if I follow my motto.
  6. I can’t start my day until… I read some inspirational material – mediation books
  7. Something interesting about you – I love making pottery and interacting with other potters
  8. Pet Peeve – anyone who tries to be right no matter what the topic – that includes me when I engage in that.
  9. I’ve never seen… a giraffe in the wild – what a gorgeous animal.
  10. Nickname – My brother calls me BABS when he wants to irritate me
  11. I really want to learn more about – myself and other people
  12. Something from your bucket list – another visit to Alaska
  13. Guilty pleasure – A large bowl of popcorn on a Sunday night with a movie or favorite TV programs – however, rarely feel guilty
  14. I wish I could… have a wonderful veggie garden without all the weeding.
  15. What are you really good at – meeting other people and getting to know them
  16. What did you used to be able to do? Walk longer distances – like climbing mountains in Colorado.
  17. Dream job – I have it right now in prevention!!
  18. Something you’re most proud of – That the creator has give me health and a good sense of humor which I treasure immensely.
  19. Spare time activity – walking my cat and dog and making pottery
  20. What do you wish you were better at – saying no to one more thing needing to be done before I leave work.
  21. Who have you learned the most from? Anne Wilson-Schaef, a real mentor and friend in my life
  22. Something no one would believe about you – That in another lifetime I was a Catholic nun.
  23. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be – the insanity of war and guns. Also, how we are disrespectful to our environment.
  24. What are you learning right now? Presently I am reading the second of Michele Obama’s books.  I appreciate getting to know her.
  25. What could you not live without – four legged animals (dogs & cats) in my life!!

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