Prevention Specialist Training Opportunities

Trainings in green have an available webinar.

Training Request and Approval Process

Step 1: Research, locate, or otherwise become aware of upcoming training opportunities (Webinars or live trainings).
Step 2: Reach out to your local prevention director/RTAL with a request to participate in the training.
Step 3: Your prevention director/RTAL will submit the training for approval to the training lead (Jenny Fuller).
Step 4: Jenny will present the requested training for approval to Christine Steele and Kimberly Koch (preferably these requests will be submitted on Fridays, although if there is significant need and justification to support an urgent timeline, training requests can be submitted on an immediate basis for those occuring within 7-10 days).
Step 5: Upon approval or denial of training request from state-level administrators, Jenny will relay the information to the appropriate prevention director/RTAL for dissemination back to the requestor.
Step 6: All approved trainings will be listed on the following sheets. They will be sorted according to date of training (with those perpetual trainings within the site will a continual date). Also included will be whether they are approved for PFS or Block grant attendance, and any other information or links to training resources that are available.

* To always remember is that many websites and trainings save their webinars for future viewing and reference. If there is a training located on the Archived sheet, they can still be viewed on the attached link.
* The justification for this request and approval process is two-fold. First, these will be trainings that are approved and supported for addressing statewide prevention-focused education. Second, while this list will never be exhaustive, these will be the trainings that the PFS and Block grants will currently fund time for attendance. If you wish to attend or participate in trainings (web-based or live) that are not approved at the state-level, they cannot be funded for your strategies.