Bills to Watch as of 2/1/23

HB 128 Marijuana clean up bill – allows Cannabis Control Division to redact name/city from complaints about dispensaries before sharing with the dispensary. House Business & Labor Hearing 02/01/2023; 08:30 AM, Rm 172
HB 254 Allows drive thru alcohol sales Scheduled for 2nd reading in the House
HB 265 Increases distances between dispensaries and schools/churches to 1000 feet. Also allows precincts (not just counties) to vote marijuana out. House Human Services Was heard 01/26/2023


HB 293 Separates vaping and non-combustible nicotine from tobacco regulations and reduces minimum age to purchase to 18. House Business & Labor Hearing

02/02/2023; 08:30 AM, Rm 172

HB 300 Keeps vape products with tobacco definition House Business & Labor 02/03/2023; 08:30 AM, Rm 172
HB 351 Limits marijuana advertising. Concern: it allows sponsoring events House Business & Labor
Hearing Room: 172
Hearing Time: 08:30 AM
Committee: (H) Business and Labor
SB 205 Allows indoor smoking in private establishments (probably cigar clubs) Senate Public Health, Welfare & Safety 02/01/2023; 03:00 PM, Rm 317

Here’s the list of senators and representatives and how to contact them: – Montana State Legislature (

Here is a list of members on the House committees: 2023-House-Committees.pdf (

Here is a list of members on the Senate committees: 2023-Senate-Committees.pdf (

Info on streaming the hearings: Watch and Listen – Montana State Legislature (

Public testimony must be submitted by 5p the day before the hearing. You can also request to testify via zoom during the hearing.– Montana State Legislature (


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