Getting to Know Tatianna Pugmire

  1. Favorite kind of book: Self-improvement/motivational
  2. Best gift ever received: A second chance at life
  3. Your motto: “No matter what” and “Always forward” Short and sweet.
  4. Favorite sport: Rugby!
  5. Where did you grow up?: Los Alamos, New Mexico
  6. I can’t start my day until…I drink some coffee and pet my dog
  7. Something interesting about you: I traveled to Sparta, Greece to run the Spartan World Championships! (Obstacle course racing)
  8. Pet Peeve: When someone begins scrolling on their cell phone in the middle of a conversation or meal
  9. I’ve never seen…the movie Die Hard
  10. Nickname: Tati or Tots
  11. I really want to learn more about: The chemistry of the brain!
  12. Something from your bucket list: Staying at an over-water bungalow in Bora Bora!
  13. Guilty pleasure: Milk duds and popcorn!
  14. I wish I could…travel and experience the world and other cultures without financial concern
  15. What are you really good at: Asking questions and approaching everything with different perspectives (it can be annoying in some instances)
  16. What did you used to be able to do?: Play violin, and I was mediocre at drawing
  17. Dream job: I really enjoy what I do now-and would love to also be a forensics and/or crime data analyst
  18. Something you’re most proud of: My master’s degree and graduate school experience!
  19. Spare time activity: Reading, running, weight lifting, playing rugby, crocheting
  20. Favorite toy as a child: I had a stuffed bulldog named Mr. Wrinkles who I took everywhere with me (I still have him! Although he lives in storage)
  21. Your least favorite job you’ve ever had: My least favorite job experience (as a substance abuse counselor in Oregon) was due to an invidious supervisor/business owner unfortunately; the job itself I enjoyed but did end up leaving.
  22. Something no one would believe about you: Despite all of the physical activities and adventuring I am involved in (rugby, running, obstacle course racing, weight-lifting, hiking, camping, etc.) and all of the things still on my bucket list (triathlon, running an Ironman race, etc.)-I do not know how to swim!
  23. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be: The healthcare system in the US.
  24. What are you learning right now?: The inner-workings and reporting processes of the state
  25. What could you not live without (besides your family): A good pair of running shoes!

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