Governor Bullock’s New Plan for a Healthier Montana

Governor Bullock’s new plan for a healthier Montana directly supports the work of Youth Connections! Here is a link to the entire report:

Governor Steve Bullock

Here are the highlights:
Health indicators by 2018:
• Decrease the proportion of fatalities due to motor vehicle crashes that involve alcohol-impaired drivers from 45% to 40%.
• Decrease the proportion of youth who report using alcohol in the past 30 days from 38% to 34%.
• Decrease the proportion of adults who report binge drinking from 21% to 15%.

D.1.1 Strengthen and enforce motor vehicle safety policies.
D.1.2 Maintain and enforce the Repeat DUI Offender Program.
E.2.1 Increase awareness of substance abuse prevention and mental health through public education (e.g., “Above the Influence” media campaign).
E.3.1 Implement quality improvement activities that improve the delivery of clinical preventive services and the use of clinical practice guidelines (e.g., routine screening for alcohol and drug use at well-child and sports physicals, routine counseling on the use of alcohol and prescription drugs, regular screening for depression and suicidal ideation).
E.4.1 Implement evidence-based practices, programs and activities for substance abuse prevention.
E.4.5 Provide training for school staffs to support students with mental illness and reduce substance abuse among youth.
E.4.7 Provide training and resources to implement programs that facilitate responsible alcohol sales (e.g., Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service Training and compliance checks to sellers and servers).

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