Hidden in Plain Sight Trailer

Amber Hurt, BG Choteau

Our county has had the opportunity to fund a HIPS trailer for prevention education. Our plan is to utilize the trailer for parent/teacher conferences within our schools (4), summer celebration DOI, National Night Out and other events throughout the county. The “room” was purchased from Frenchtown Youth Coalition and other accessories will be purchased to build a “mock” bedroom to better portray a child’s room. Some of our stakeholders in this project are our county commissioners’ as they allowed our health dept. To utilize county opioid funding to purchase the trailer. The graphics for the trailer will also be funded by Opioid funding and a grant that our local ambulance service was awarded and in the grant requirements had to partner with a health dept. For education. Other partners include all of our local schools-Fort Benton, Highwood, Geraldine, Big Sandy. Fort Benton City PD also has a newly acquired Narcotics K9 who will also come to events and partner with us to provide opioid training as well. MTUPP and Parenting Montana will also have DOI throughout the trailer. The police chief will also provide our Prevention Specialist with “mock” substances to change out our education models to provide new and trending substance education. Our county is beyond grateful for everyone who has helped get this project going in our county.

The picture is a mock design. The school logos will be on the front and back of the trailer as well. Participants will be able to walk through the rear ramp of the trailer and out through the side door.

It can be rented. They would like one of their staff to be present at first so that it can be shown where things are and towed by their own staff. Contact Amber for more information.

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