Hill and Blaine Counties Gearing Up for Graduation and Memorial Day

By: Sue Brurud
Hill/ Blaine County Prevention Specialist
Our SAAM (Substance Abuse and Misuse) Coalition is planning to send parents with seniors from each of the schools a “Senior Letter” reminding them of the Social Host Ordinance and sharing the information about SAMHSA’s Talk, They Hear You app. (Thank You to Beth at Alliance for Youth for the letter template!)
When the schools closed, we were having a tough time getting the letter approved and its distribution coordinated with the school districts. I contacted the DUI Task Forces in Hill and Blaine Counties and they agreed to pay to print the letter in full color in the Senior Keepsake tab of the local papers. They also agreed to pay to run an ad about the local Social Host Ordinance for Memorial Day. It was a great opportunity to partner with our DUI Task Forces and local and county law enforcement.

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