Jody Visits Montana

Jody visited every community in the SW region that she TAs and had a wonderful time! Thanks to all the prevention specialists for their warm hospitality!

Barb and Coleen in Cardwell

Barb and Jody in Cardwell

Barb, Jody and Coleen in Cardwell

Butte Cares staff: Kendra, Jody, Tami, Brittany, Miles

Dawn and Coleen at Montana Prison Museum

Day one: Anaconda, Phillipsburg, Drummond, and Deer Lodge

Day two: Butte, Dillon, Twin Bridges, Sheridan, Virginia City, Ennis

Day 3: Montana City, Clancy, Basin, Boulder, Whitehall, Cardwell

Katie and Sue in Deer Lodge County (Anaconda)

Esther and Jody in front of Esther’s office in Sheridan

Jody and Robyn at Montana State Prison

Jody, Robyn, and Dawn in Powell County (Deer Lodge)

Robyn and Dawn in the office in Deer Lodge

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