No Joke Campaign

Esther Lince, PFS/BG Madison

Madison County’s Prevention Specialist, in collaboration with the Madison County DUI Task Force, launched the 2nd annual NO JOKE campaign throughout the month of April. This campaign is a humorous approach to convey the message that a majority of teens in Madison County do not use alcohol and marijuana.


Using Madison County PNA Data, PG Creative Campaign, creators of NO JOKE, created a customized package emphasizing the message that “Most Madison County Teens Do Not Use Alcohol and Marijuana.  The campaign achieved a more personalized approach, effectively challenging misconceptions and stigmas related to Madison County’s teen substance use.


To ensure maximum visibility throughout the community, Southwest Montana and the Madison County DUI Task Force distributed outdoor sidewalk decals, static clings, and yard signs to all businesses.

The campaign’s reach extends even to marijuana dispensaries, which have actively participated by displaying campaign materials on their premises.

Retractable banners have been prominently displayed at county libraries, while outdoor banners adorn all middle and high schools in Madison County. The sight of every business along the main street proudly displaying sidewalk stickers has been a particularly exciting and encouraging aspect of the campaign.

Through these efforts, the goal was to create a community-wide conversation about teen substance use and empower our youth to make healthy choices.

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