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While some PARENTS feel they lose their ability to control their children’s behavior during adolescence, research tells us the number one reason kids tell us they don’t drink is because they know their parents will disapprove of their decision. 

Parent Quiz

  • Do your kids know you disapprove of their choice to use substances including alcohol?
  • Would they know what to do if they found themselves at a gathering where alcohol was being served?
  • Would they know what to expect if they called you for help?
  • Would they know what your consequences would be if you discovered they were using substances?
  • Do your kids receive confusing messages regarding substance use by adults in their lives?

Intervention & Treatment

Is it time to talk to your child about their substance use?


As with every health condition, decreasing stress and boosting one’s immunity and psychological resilience can help the body cope better, heal more quickly, and maintain health.