Bullying & Violence

The Link Between Childhood Trauma And Addiction In Adulthood

There is a clear and distinct correlation between child trauma and drug and alcohol addiction. The traumatic incidents that we experience in our childhood very easily can, and often do, wind up following us into maturity creating a variety of long-term mental health issues that may cause us to self-medicate through excessive drinking or drug …

Bullying Resources for Educators and Parents

Bullying is formally defined as unwanted aggressive behavior by another youth or group of youths (not siblings or dating partners), involving a perceived or observed balance of power External link . These behaviors are continuous and can inflict harm on communities, individuals, families and schools. Up to 90 percent of students report they have experienced bullying External link  by the time …


Montana 211 is a free and confidential phone call from a land line or cell phone to get 24 hour access to professionals who can help you find local services. You can call 211 or visit www.montana211.org to see what programs and resources are available in Helena to meet your needs.