Southwest Region Implements Sticker Shock Campaign


With the upcoming Fourth of July weekend quickly approaching, Butte Cares wanted to remind everyone of the facts regarding buying alcohol for minors. In an effort to reduce underage drinking, we launched our Sticker Shock Campaign. Please look for this STOP sticker on cooler doors at Town Pump and Thriftway.

Parents and teens are often unclear about the laws and have misconceptions about the consequences of underage drinking. Please note that certain city or counties may have stricter laws (ordinances), laws change, and that this information is not a substitute for legal advice.

What are the Legal Consequences for Adults?

It is a misdemeanor offense to supply someone under the age of 21 with alcohol or to provide your child under the age of 21 with an intoxicating level of alcohol. Fines can be up to $500*.

Social host (person who provides alcohol) liabilities vary depending on local laws and in many cities in Montana, social hosts can be charged with a misdemeanor. Montana state law allows for civil liability because of providing alcohol to someone underage. Liability limit for non-economic damages is $250,000 and for punitive damages is $250,000*.

Stop and think before purchasing any alcoholic beverage for a minor. You’re not being a friend or helping them have a good time. You will be breaking the law and contributing to the delinquency of our youth.

Did You Know?

Drinking can cause significant and long-lasting changes in the structure and function of the brain. Early use of alcohol can cause permanent learning disabilities*.

The longer youth delay using alcohol the less likely they are to develop a problem with alcohol later in life*.

For additional information on Underage Drinking, please visit at the following link

Why Butte Cares?

Our vision is a community where parents and adults thrive and where youth can learn and grow in a healthy, safe and drug free environment. Alcohol abuse continues to be the highest ranking problem for our youth which drives our efforts in prevention throughout the entire Southwest Region of Montana. Thank you to Town Pump, Thriftway and Summit Beverage who partnered with us to get the word out about the dangers of underage drinking.

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