Toolkit for Educators

During autumn of 2022, teachers and school staff throughout Missoula County participated in a survey to assess what current prevention practices schools are using in regard to underage substance use prevention programming. This survey, conducted by the Healthy Missoula Youth Coalition, found that most teachers and school staff felt the need for extra support, despite the variety of prevention practices already in place. With a large community in which there is a high demand for extra prevention efforts, the Healthy Missoula Youth Coalition wanted to help supplement the resources available for schools and teachers.


To this effect, our HMY Youth Groups & Activities Committee conducted several focus groups and put together a toolkit for teachers and schools to use that will serve as a springboard from which they can grow their cache of prevention tactics, and will lay the groundwork for finding and implementing prevention interventions.


In this toolkit, you will find a brief description of the work the Healthy Missoula Youth Coalition supports, an explanation of the purpose and need for prevention work within our community, descriptions of varying schools of thought on child development, and an overview of why substance use is detrimental for youth. It will address what science has shown to be best practice in prevention work, resources for teachers, and a variety of methods in which to institute after-school activities.

The Toolkit is now officially launched! Check it out: For Educators | Healthymissoulayouth

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