“What’s Trending” Podcast

Beth Price Morrison, BG Cascade

The Cascade County Substance Abuse Prevention Alliance (SAPA) is excited to announce the transformation of its monthly “What’s Trending?” newsletter into an engaging podcast. In collaboration with KGPR 89.9 FM Montana Public Radio, SAPA has partnered with Crimestoppers of Cascade County & Great Falls to amplify the reach of valuable substance abuse prevention information.


This innovative initiative aims to broaden community engagement and raise awareness about substance abuse issues through a dynamic audio format. By bringing the “What’s Trending?” content to the airwaves, SAPA seeks to reach a wider audience and foster open conversations about prevention strategies, resources and education about what drugs are trending in our community.


Listeners can tune in to KGPR 89.9 FM to catch the podcast episodes and stay informed about the latest trends in substance abuse prevention. The collaboration with Crimestoppers further strengthens the collective effort to create a safer and healthier community.

For more information about SAPA and to subscribe to the “What’s Trending?” newsletter, email.

To listen to the first “What’s Trending?” podcast on KGPR, visit the Crimestoppers Facebook page.

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