Youth Volunteers of the Month – Emma Lee Caldwell and Kelsey Grubb

Emma Lee Caldwell and Kelsey Grubb are both Seniors at HHS and are on the Senior class committee, members of honor choirs with Dr. Mike, as well as members of the MBI Youth group.  And if you can’t tell best friends! The MBI Youth Group decided to write Valentines cards to every student (1600) and every staff (120) members in the school.  As you can imagine this took 3 weeks of lunches.  We had a core group of 7 that helped do this and they are amazing and determined for sure.  However, as we got down to the wire Emma Lee and Kelsey stayed after school and into the evening to accomplish this large task.  Kelsey and Emma Lee were determined that it would not fall short and it didn’t!  Emma Lee is now working on a hygiene drive for the Friendship Center where she currently has an internship.  I would love to honor their hard work and determination!to do great things!

Emma Lee and Kelsey

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