A Guide to Depression Awareness

To learn more about the problems of Depression in today’s world, we have put together the following resources. You will learn what Depression is, what to look for, potential causes in our lives, some of the associated health risk and how help can be achieved.

Promoting Student Mental Health

Being a student can be stressful enough, but trying to juggle schoolwork and other responsibilities while experiencing mental illness can make it that much harder. But students can work through many challenges and still perform well in school. This comprehensive guide discusses and details a number of mental health issues, including information on how they impact academic performance and where to find help.

Mental Health in College

Learn about the various mental health challenges facing college students, the support and counseling resources available to them, and practical measures and coping strategies to help students overcome behavioral, emotional, and psychological obstacles.

Montana 211 is a free and confidential phone call from a land line or cell phone to get 24 hour access to professionals who can help you find local services. You can call 211 or visit to see what programs and resources are available in Helena to meet your needs.

Traumatic Experiences

When a child endures a traumatic experience, the whole family feels the impact. But adults hold the power to help lessen its effects. Several factors can change the course of kids’ lives: feeling seen and heard by a caring adult, being patiently taught coping strategies and resilience-building techniques, and being with adults who know about the effects of such experiences. Here are ways to bring these factors to life.

The Top Mental Health Challenges Facing Students

The National Alliance on Mental Illness, estimates that nearly 33% of college students have experienced debilitating depression over the last year. This absolutely impacts student outcomes. In fact, 64% of students who drop out of school do so because of their mental health. Find information on the top 5 mental health problems facing college students.