Health Rocks Camp

2022 Health Rocks Camp served 21 youth from Toole County. EB Curriculum Class Action was used, trying two Civil Cases surrounding teen alcohol offenses. Five Jr. Counselors from our area received 40 hours of community service credits. Campers enjoyed learning from the curriculum, MSU Opioid Outreach Department, (Jennfier & Allison), on the dangers to the teenage brain while using opioids and the dangers of ordering off of social media.  They also learned about Bear Safety from Montana State Wildlife Bear Division and actually were taught how to use bear spray. Authentic Indian Stick Ball Game was taught and the importance of cultural acknowledgement and understanding of one another. Montana Fish & Game brought in their field biologist from the Flathead and the youth were instructed on the biology of Lake Loon, the species of fish, and how fish are raised in the hatcheries, and best practices to use on the species in the lake. They actually released over 2000 trout into the lake, and we used it as a learning experience. A discussion was held of how our planet is changing and how it is affecting our lakes and streams. Information on alcohol abuse and misuse, dangers of opioids, and Social Emotional Learning Skills and resiliency skills were also taught and best practices used at the camp.


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