Bike /Drive Rodeo

Butte Cares partnered with Silver Bow Kiwanis and the Bike Lab to host an event where local youth and families could connect to the community in a fun way. This event took place at the Butte Civic Center where youth from all ages were able to learn about bike safety and go through a bike course. They were given a brand-new helmet donated from Walmart. 150 youth left with new fitted helmets! While they were being registered, any youth who didn’t have a bike or were in a need of a safe one, came over where Butte Cares and The Bike Lab were stationed. Here, 80 bikes were ready to find new families. All different sizes, styles, and colors could be seen along with plenty of smiles from everyone involved. The Bike Lab mechanics helped make sure bikes were a good fit and were there to make any and all adjustments. These bikes were all donated by Butte citizens and made road ready at The Bike Lab by volunteers. Butte Cares had been working closely with correspondence and promotion to rally up the town to donate and get the word out about the cause. Butte Cares was featured on the KBOW Party Line and KXLF News to further reach and engage the community. They designed and put up flyers at local businesses and spread the news on their media. This portion was important to impact a great turnout where 60 youth and families were able to go home with a new bike! Joy and excitement were present throughout the day by children riding and sporting their new rides. Butte-Silver Bow Law enforcement supported by having an officer there. Steele’s Furniture donated their truck to be used to transport helmets while the Civic Center allowed use of their parking lot to ensure a smooth flow. At the end of the course youth were given pizza and a drink from Little Caesars. The whole process was a success to unite businesses that came together to really show care for the families of Butte. Huge hearts with compassion were shown to everyone.


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