Shannon Pitsch Honored

Shannon Pitsch pictured with TA Sara Mahoney (left)

I want to highlight Shannon Pitsch as the most resilient prevention specialist for her years of dedication to prevention in Big Horn County.  

Shannon started in prevention in June 2019 and has been rocking it ever since.  Shannon has been resilient in that prevention has taken some twists and turns in her time with new agencies coming into Big Horn County,  additional grants, and collaborating prevention specialists have come and gone and Shannon has never given up. 

Shannan’s work has seen her through the development of a new police department in Hardin, the working together with two law enforcement agencies, and then the untimely and tragic death of a sheriff who was prevention-focused.  

Shannon cares about the youth and people of Big Horn County and of the Crow Tribe.  She has completed many amazing prevention interventions and community activities.  

Shannan has also worked with CTC Coordinator turnover and new coordinators throughout the past few years.  She just keeps a positive attitude and keeps doing great prevention work.  She is an inspiration to many and I admire her dedication and resiliency.

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