Barb Reiter Honored

Barb Reiter with TA Laura Cross (left), and Jody Hanisch and Coleen Smith (right)

Barb Reiter has been in prevention for 16 years. Even though Barb is considered part time, she gives 110% to building and sustaining relationships in her community. Outside of her prevention programs, you will find her attending school and community activities to show her support. She knows the importance of relationship building and it shows through her work in the community.

Barb is actively involved in the DUI Task Force, Mental Health Local Advisory Board, and numerous community organizations. She believes in prevention and is a strong advocate for the prevention efforts in Montana. Barb is always willing to support and guide her fellow prevention specialist.

It has been shared many times that being a prevention professional is not for everyone. It takes someone who believes in the work we do and is passionate about creating positive change in their communities. Barb is made for this job. She has a heart for helping others and believes in making a difference.

Barb, you are planting seeds of change that one day will reflect a garden filled with beauty and growth. Thank you for your dedication to your community, youth, and the field of prevention. You are a shining example of a heart for prevention.

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