Sober Life

Connection The most basic human need is to feel connected to others and addiction destroys connection. When people want to get sober, they often have alienated friends and family, have no job and no money, and are packing around loads of guilt and shame from the things they did in their addiction. They face a …

Jody Visits Montana

Jody visited every community in the SW region that she TAs and had a wonderful time! Thanks to all the prevention specialists for their warm hospitality! Barb and Coleen in Cardwell Barb and Jody in Cardwell Barb, Jody and Coleen in Cardwell Butte Cares staff: Kendra, Jody, Tami, Brittany, Miles Dawn and Coleen at Montana …

RRW Resources

Here are a school plan, chalk ideas, and a school schedule idea for RRW 2022. RR School Plan 2022 RR Week Chalk Ideas RR Week School Schedule 2022

SAPST in Helena

Check out the pics from the SAPST training in Helena! Learning that if we don’t look at data and follow the SPF, our prevention efforts will look like a picture we drew on our head. Learning prevention! Bethany won the camping scene drawing. This is what the class thought about SAPST

Camp Read S’more

Malta Kids Club hosted Camp Read S’more at Malta Elementary School during their Parent/Teacher Conferences and in conjunction with the PIE (Partners in Education) Book Fair. Prevention materials were made available at the registration table and were added to a family backpack that was filled with snacks & activity ideas for each family. Kids Club …