Vivian Webb Honored

Vivian is shown with Tribal TA, Barbara Bessette

In recognition of Vivian Webb’s extraordinary commitment to building healthier communities and her outstanding contributions to the field of prevention, I proudly nominate her for recognition in prevention. Vivian has remarkable dedication and leadership in spearheading innovative prevention initiatives at Fort Belknap, leveraging her extensive community connections and teaching background for 16 years to bring a fresh perspective to the field. Vivian’s warm and welcoming personality and deep care for the people she serves exemplify her exceptional leadership. Her ability to prioritize community needs, often rescheduling meetings to attend to youth in crisis, showcases her unwavering dedication.


Through initiatives such as the End of School Bash, Water Slides, Indian Youth Camp, and Gardening Project, Vivian has profoundly impacted her community, providing invaluable opportunities for growth, connection, and wellness. Vivian’s commitment to partnership and collaboration ensures that every community on her reservation, including those off-reservation, receives the same level of prevention support and opportunity.


Vivian, your resilience, dedication, and tireless efforts in overcoming adversity inspire me daily. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to building healthier, stronger communities and for your invaluable contributions to the field of prevention. Congratulations, Vivian, on this well-deserved recognition!

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